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Friday, February 18, 2011


I caught just a few minutes of today’s MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program but I heard a very interesting comment. One of the shows regulars, Mike Barnicle, was talking to the program’s two guests about the topic of demonizing public officials. According to Barnicle, it is becoming increasingly popular to vilify and demean various political figures and groups and he was wondering how his guests felt about that type of behavior. One of the guests, the Reverend Tim Keller of New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church responded with this observation, “You cannot demonize if you don’t idolize!” The other guest, Rabbi David Gelfand concurred.

Last Friday I wrote about “The New Breed of Conservative Women” and at that time I pointed out how the far left wing fringe in this country often demonize conservatives like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Christine O’Donnell because there are afraid of the inroads these women could make into their popular voting base. The comment by Reverend Keller adds a new perspective to the argument.

If you “cannot demonize unless you idolize” then what is it that progressive democrats idolize? Simply put, Democrats idolize “power.” It makes absolutely perfect sense and I thank Reverend Keller for his astute insight. Think about it! Democrats demonize the right because they are totally paranoid about losing their political power. That is why they attack the Palin types because they fear someone like Sarah Palin is going to have a positive impact on women and potentially draw those women away from Democratic control; for its women who the Democrats rely on for continued support and the retention of power.

This also explains why the left is so apoplectic about the Tea Party movement. They demonize this group because many moderates migrated to the Tea Party movement and that created a direct assault on a reliable Democratic power base. Since they idolize power and must retain it at all cost, they are compelled to demonize in order to protect that power base.

The next target for the left will be presidential hopeful and conservative talk show host Herman Cain and the newly elected U.S. Representative from Florida, Allen West. Both of these individuals are devoutly conservative and if I failed to mention it, both gentlemen are black. The most continuous block of voters who support the liberal left is the black community. Any attempt to breach this body of voters will be met with unceasing attacks. Both Cain and West will be resoundingly vilified, for even thinking about pulling black voters away from the Democratic power base.

You would think that the left would also seek to gain and hold influence in the Hispanic community. By doing so, it also explains why the fringe left chose to demonize George W. Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, Miguel Estrada. Someone of Hispanic descent, and the first to sit on the Supreme Court should have been embraced by the liberal left but not when your core values are conservative and not when you are in a position to win the hearts and minds of the opposition’s power base. Once again, Reverend Keller is correct; the Democrats had little choice but to demonize Estrada for fear of losing their idol god, “power.”

It also explains why the left wing media in this country is so enamored with the Democrats and supports them in demonizing the right. The media, too, also idolizes power. The New York Times, the Washington Post, The Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. loved it when they controlled all the news. But lately, these liberal news outlets are losing their control and power to Fox News and conservative talk radio. That explains why Fox was attacked and vilified as not being a truly news worthy organization. Even President Obama joined the fray because he also saw his power base dwindling. As for the Democrats, the liberal media has to support them because they are the only ones who can help restore their power via resurrecting the Fairness Doctrine.

“You can’t demonize if you don’t idolize” is such a simple but profound and eye opening concept. Thank you Reverend Tim Keller for your wisdom and Christian beliefs. As Reverend Keller further explained the only person that can be idolized without having to demonize is God himself. But, there again, isn’t it the Democrats who are constantly pushing to remove God from every aspect of our society?

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